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Business Software

Affiliate and Referrals

The easier way to offer web subscriptions... You create. We pay.

Everything you need to start earning without up-front costs.

Cloudware City provides subscriptions billing and management, user authentication and a sales outlet for your web application, service or online content. Earn 70% of all net sales revenue, payments in multiple currencies.

No merchant account or payment gateway required.

Automatic invoicing, reminders and renewals.

UK based company - supports VAT for EU countries.

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There is no easier way to offer subscriptions to your site

We sell to, bill and manage your customers. You Create. We Pay.

Ideal for membership websites, online media and web apps.

Cloudware City is the only place that has the Web App Store, Sales and Marketing, Subscriptions Billing and Management and Authentication facilities, where you can start earning revenue without up-front costs.

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100% secure cloud based technology

Platform agnostic user authentication and authorisation.

Minimise time, effort and up-front costs and start earning with subscriptions to your web app, service or content within minutes!

Works with WordPress and Joomla! websites out of the box with free plug-ins.

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Cloudware City is the only place with everything you need to start earning without up-front costs.

Sales and Marketing, Subscription Billing, Management and Authentication facilities for web applications, SaaS and content sites.

Simple subscriptions
administration and billing

Let Cloudware City manage your customer base. Register as a vendor, add your products, plug in to the API. No worrying about administration of merchant accounts or subscriptions billing management.

Use your time better to develop your service rather than billing systems, and start collecting subscription payments today.

Safe and secure payments and subscriptions

We have developed systems that are PCI compliant so you don't have to.

Cloudware City uses higher than industry standard encryption and PCI Level 1 compliant systems are utilised for all sensitive cardholder data.

Valuable sales & marketing exposure at no extra cost

Sell and cross sell your products and services to new and existing customers in our powerful Web App Store, fully inclusive and unique to Cloudware City.

GBP, USD and EUR currencies are supported.

You can begin earning as soon as your site goes live in the Web App Store.

Pain-free subscriptions integration with your site

Connect into our Cloud-based authorisation system when a user logs into your site and Cloudware City's authorisation processes ensure only valid users with active subscriptions gain access to your products.

Plug-ins for popular CMSs like WordPress and Joomla are available to download!

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